Share smiles and get rewarded! Our Patient Referral Program grants our patients the opportunity to earn savings toward orthodontic treatment. And, we’re talking big savings. Each referral can earn you up to $250 off your treatment. The best part? There are no limits to how many referrals you send to Orthodontic Associates so the savings can really stack up!

OA patients can refer friends, co-workers, neighbors, and extended family members to Orthodontic Associates for smile treatment. Eligible referrals include anyone outside of your immediate family and household.

At Orthodontic Associates, we have savings programs in place to accomodate multi-family member treatment plans.

Our Patient Referral Program does not apply to immediate family members like siblings, Mom or Dad. We already have savings programs in place to accomodate multi-family member treatment plans.

Extended family members are eligible for this program and those family members would be relatives like aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. In-laws are also eligible.

The referral reward triggers once your referred co-worker, neighbor, or friend becomes an Orthodontic Associates Patient. This means they will need to complete their free, initial smile assessment and sign up for orthodontic treatment. You have the opportunity to earn:

  • $250 for every patient referral that starts Comprehensive Treatment
  • $150 for Phase I, or Partial Treatment

Yes! Everyone wins with our Patient Referral Program! Both the person submitting the referral and the new patient who is being referred benefit from this program. Newly referred patients get the same reward which is:

  • $250 off their Comprehensive Treatment
  • $150 off their Phase I, or Partial Treatment

Once your referral starts treatment, you will receive a financial credit toward your bill with Orthodontic Associates. This will show as a “contracted adjustment” in your treatment chart and will reduced your overall balance.

If your account with Orthodontic Associates is fully paid, we will gift you a digital Amazon Gift Card.

There is no referral limit. For example, say you have $1,000 balance on your current Orthodontic Associates account and you refer 4 friends, with each friend starting orthodontic treatment. And, let’s say that they each opt for Comprehensive Treatment. This earns you $250 per friend.ย  You just earned $1,000 in rewards which then is applied to your total balance, leaving your account paid in full.

Once your account is paid in full, you can still keep referring friends, neighbors and co-workers to Orthodontic Associates. Instead of your earnings paying down your account balance, you will be gifted an Amazon Gift Card.

Absolutely. Any past Orthodontic Associates patients may participate in our Patient Referral Program. All patient statuses are eligible, including New, Current and Dismissed.


Each new patient is automatically entered into our Patient Referral Program once they start treatment. When you reach Day 45 on your smile treatment plan, you will receive an email and text message with a unique code that you can then share with friends, co-workers, neighbors and extended family members. This unique code is just that: Unique – it’s all yours! Anyone you share the code with is tracked in our system where your referral bonuses can add up.

Your email/text message code can be easily shared with your referrals by simply “sharing” the links to those you would like to invite to Orthodontic Associates. It’s a super simple sharing process and if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us for help.


Our Patient Referral Program cannot be combined with other discounts like our Hero Discount. Referral rewards cannot be used on immediate family members like a sibling, Mom or Dad. Referral rewards can be applied to extended family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws. Earnings and rewards are only applied once the referred individual starts orthodontic treatment. Once the referred individual starts treatment, the reward will be applied to both the new, referred patient and the individual who submitted the referral.

This Patients Referral Program was initiated on August 1, 2022. Referrals submitted prior to this date are not eligible for these program rewards. Financial rewards are calculated as follows:

  • $250 Reward for Comprehensive Treatment for Invisalign or Braces
  • $150 Reward for Phase I, Smile Essentials Invisalign Treatment or Braces

All referrals must be submitted to the Orthodontic Associates Referral Link that is send by email and text to all new patients after they’ve been in treatment for 45 days. Offer valid as long as the Referral Program is being offered.

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