For over three decades, here at Orthodontic Associates, we’ve had the opportunity to test and review endless smile products over the years. Only the very best pass our elite standards and make it to the hands of our patients. Below are products we are proud to recommend and are available for purchase at any of our office locations. Place your order request by email, call or at your next appointment.

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OA Retainer Cases
$10.00 or 40 Patient Rewards Points
Available in Black or White

Philips Sonicare Professional Toothbrush

Sisu Mouth Guard

Invisalign Whitening


This process just takes 30 minutes a day and works well with orthodontic treatment. And for your comfort, Opalesence features a desensitizing agent. This whitening treatment doesn’t just whiten the surface, it works from the inside out and absorbs through the teeth – ensuring a bright, white smile.

  • Opalesence Box Set, $75
  • Opalesence Whitening Toothpaste, $12
  • Opalesence Combo Package, $85


At Orthodontic Associates, our goal is always to ensure a long-lasting, healthy and beautiful smile. During our evaluation with you, we will be able to assess your current smile and then guide you through the best treatment option for your specific case. We know that perfecting your smile and your bite can help you chew, bite and speak better while increasing the health and beauty of your teeth.


Did you know that you don’t need a dentist referral to explore orthodontic treatment with Orthodontic Associates? That’s right! Although we love working with your dentist, we invite anyone interested in new smile treatment to call our office directly to schedule an appointment. During your free consultation, you will complete some complimentary diagnostic records that will help the orthodontists get a quick glimpse into the current state of your smile. Then, you and our Treatment Coordinator will discuss your smile treatment options.

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