Every Orthodontic Associates smile has its own unique story. Each story inspires us with the confidence and happiness that our patients find during their treatment.

Recently, we caught up with former patient Brooklyn and her mom, Sheena, to share with us about their experience at our office and how Brooklyn is getting along with her new OA smile!

OA: Hi Brooklyn! Tell us about yourself

Brooklyn: My name is Brooklyn! I’m fifteen, and I love to dance, read and hang out with my friends.

Why did you decide to get orthodontic treatment? 

During the course of a few years, my teeth had become very crowded and misaligned. I am a very “smiley” person, so having crooked teeth made me feel self-conscious around other people.

How do you feel about your smile now?

Looking back at old pictures, I realize how bad my teeth really looked. I can now fully appreciate what braces have done for me and am grateful for the orthodontic treatment that I had.

I love my new smile and am way more confident now. My transformation was completely worth it in the end!

What was your experience like at our offices?

The staff was very friendly and took time to get to know me during my appointments! They made the process of having braces easy and even enjoyable. Every appointment was very quick, and I appreciated the efficiency!

Sheena, as a parent what attracted you to OA?

Sheena, Brooklyn’s Mom: What attracted me most to OA was how friendly everyone was in the office. From the front desk, to the assistants, and of course the doctors, every single staff member we encountered seemed truly happy to be there and to be taking care of us. I never felt like we were rushed through appointments either. They took their time, and made us feel like they really knew us and our story.

Also, the convenience of multiple office locations was an added bonus. Throughout the course of our treatment, we moved homes. I loved that it wasn’t a big deal to change to a different OA location that was closer to us.

What attracted my daughter the most to Orthodontic Associates were the rewards she could get by earning points. Only somewhat joking. 😉 Brooklyn saved all of her points and cashed out for Chic-Fil-A gift cards at the end! That’s winning to a teenager.

What was it like watching Brooklyn’s smile change throughout treatment?

It was amazing watching Brooklyn’s smile change throughout the entire process. We were so surprised by how quickly we saw such dramatic results. It wasn’t just her teeth we saw change, but her facial structure changed completely too. We look back at before pictures and can’t believe the difference!

What advice do you have for other parents?

My advice to other parents would be don’t be afraid to ask questions when considering orthodontic treatment for your child. As a parent that never had any sort of orthodontic treatment myself, everything was new – and I mean EVERYTHING. Staff members were always great to give a thorough explanation and take their time with us.

We have had a phenomenal experience with OA. My younger daughter is now well on her way using Invisalign clear aligners. It’s fun to see the different processes between conventional braces and this new technology, Invisalign treatment. It feels like we’re living in the future with her virtual treatment monitoring. She scans her teeth, sends in pictures through an app, and then we get feedback on her treatment in just a few hours – all from home!