Cosmetic reasons for getting teeth aligned are pretty self-evident, but did you know that having straight teeth comes with additional health benefits? Nothing is more attractive than a smile with perfectly aligned, sparkling teeth. Correcting extreme misalignment can even enhance facial contours.

Improving your appearance can boost your self-esteem, and that is certainly a valid reason for wanting to fix your teeth. But braces can be about a lot more than beauty. Teeth that are misaligned may lead to problems that affect not only your dental health but also your general well-being.

Healthy Teeth, Healthier Mouth

When it comes to oral hygiene your teeth play a huge roll in the overall health of your mouth, so, it is important to take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing your pearly whites. has reported that the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss than crooked and overlapping teeth, which are more likely to trap food particles. If teeth are crooked there are places the bristles of the toothbrush cannot reach, and plaque and tartar accumulates. People with straight teeth are able to keep them clean without extra effort. A straight smile will make it easier for you clean all the nooks and crannies around and in-between teeth and this will lead to less tartar build up, which leads to fewer cavities and can prevent teeth rot later in life.

Good For Heart Health

You may not believe it, but your teeth can actually affect your health and the health of your heart. Having easy-to-clean teeth will then lower your risk for gum disease, which can lead to heart disease and may contribute to diabetes. Oral bacteria can enter your bloodstream and affect the inner lining of blood vessels and brain. While the plaque on your teeth is not the same stuff in arteries that cause heart attacks, the same species of bacteria that cause periodontitis is also found in artery-clogging plaque.

With straighter teeth, you are going to have an easier time preventing cavities that people can have with crooked teeth. Remember that when you take care of your teeth it is more than just mouth hygiene; you are actually taking care of your entire body including your heart.

Better Self-Esteem And Confidence

Research shows that smiling—even if it’s forced—actually makes you happier. If you are self-conscious about crooked teeth, you might not be smiling as much as you would otherwise. A healthy, bright smile is a great confidence boost. A lot of people suffer loss of self-esteem due to crooked or otherwise misaligned teeth and then get a confidence boost when their teeth are aligned.

Only your orthodontist can tell you if you need braces and can prescribe the proper treatment plans. But don’t let worries about discomfort or your appearance keep you away. You’ll be surprised by today’s orthodontic options, which include Invisalign clear aligners. Orthodontic Associates can help you take the next step to achieve a healthier and more smile happy you. Contact us today for a free consultation with our doctors where you can discuss treatment plans available to achieve the smile of your dreams!