Fifteen-year-old Emma recently finished her Invisalign Teen treatment with us, and we asked her to share what her experience was like!

Emma: I chose Invisalign Teen clear aligners, because I had heard about it from my friends and my mom. (And Dr. Archer is my next-door neighbor! He said that Invisalign Teen treatment would be a great choice for me!)

I really enjoyed Invisalign Teen treatment, because my friends and family couldn’t tell when I had my trays in since they are so clear. I also enjoyed not having to deal with broken brackets or getting any wires tightened, like I would have had to with braces.

Emma with her Invisalign Teen clear aligners.

Whenever I came in for my appointments, the staff was nice and very welcoming. All of my appointments were in the morning. They were quick, so I would still able to get to school on time.

Since I’ve finished my Invisalign treatment, I’ve gotten many compliments about my smile. I’ve always been a happy and positive person, and my straight smile helps me show my happiness.

My advice for people who are considering Invisalign treatment or are currently wearing the aligners is to be patient with the treatment process! It may seem long in the middle of treatment, but you’ll be done before you know it! I’m very happy that I chose to do Invisalign Teen treatment!

I don’t think anyone should ever be insecure about their smile. My Invisalign smile definitely gives me more confidence!