Let your new smile give you the confidence you need to take your best selfie! Be prepared for the flash the next time someone takes out his or her phone with these quick tips. And, with a little light, camera, action moves, you can smile big to capture that bright new smile.


Taking a selfie is easy, but taking the perfect selfie takes some work and practice. When you are getting ready to take your next selfie for social media, think about your lighting to help get that amazing shot. One of the easiest ways to make sure you take a great selfie is to use natural lighting. Using natural lighting will help you appear as you are and not give you a yellowish tint that artificial lights can create. Sunlight during dawn or dust can add a touch of glam to your photo. Make sure when you take the picture that the light is facing towards you, this will make you and your smile shine. Having any light behind you can make your photo appear darker.


To capture an amazing selfie, you need to think about how to set up your smartphone’s camera. An effortless way to get a great angel of your new smile is to use a selfie stick. Using a selfie stick gives you more range and distance between you and your phone’s camera to take the shot. If you do not have a selfie stick, you can still manage a great selfie by just facing your smartphone camera toward you and your best smile. But before you press the button to take the picture, look at your smartphone and look at your camera features. There are several tools on smartphones that you can use before you even take a selfie to brighten and enhance your smile.


When you are finally ready to press the button and take a selfie of you and your new smile, remember you can take more than one picture before you share it with everyone. Feel free to take multiple shots at different angles to capture the perfect picture you want. Taking multiple pictures also allows you to be able to go back and look at all of your smiling photos so you can share the perfect one. Once you find the shot you love of your new smile share it on your social media accounts and make sure to tag Orthodontic Associates @oasmiles on social media so we can share it too!

Now press that button and snap a shot of your best selfie so the world can see your beautiful, new smile!