Hard-working husband and father Isaac decided to straighten his teeth for a second time. This time, he decided to try Invisalign clear aligners as a more discreet, comfortable option over traditional braces. Read more about his experience with adult orthodontic treatment and how he loves his new smile now.

Why did you decide to get orthodontic treatment as an adult?
I had braces as a teenager and stopped wearing my retainer. As an adult my teeth started shifting and looking crowded again. So, I decided to try Invisalign treatment, because I wanted to correct the imperfections I saw in my teeth and smile

What was Invisalign treatment like?
The treatment was very easy, painless and a lot quicker than I expected. Having had braces growing up, I was surprised at how effective and quickly the changes happened with my teeth

How did orthodontic treatment impact your life?
Having my smile and teeth straightened is always a good contributor to confidence when interacting with others. It boosted my confidence and impacted my life, socially and work-related

Straightening my teeth makes it easier and quicker for me to smile. When you know you have a good attribute in your smile, you therefore innately want to show it more.

What has your experience been like with Orthodontic Associates?
The orthodontic treatment was done quickly. The staff was nice and very courteous, and my overall experience was great

What advice do you have for other adults considering treatment?
If you are debating getting treatment, don’t. Get the treatment, because you won’t regret choices like this that carry an impact for the rest of you life.