Former orthodontic patient Wendy Newell is a busy, full-time mom raising three kids under the age of 10. Like many adults her age, Wendy had braces when she was younger. Unfortunately, when you grow into adulthood and forget to wear your retainers at night, your teeth and bite can shift back to a crooked state.

We chatted with Wendy about her experience with orthodontic treatment as an adult and her advice to other moms. Read what she had to say below!

OA: Why did you choose to get orthodontic treatment a second time?
Wendy: I decided to get braces a second time because my alignment and bite were continuing to worsen over time. I didn’t love my smile, and I was having trouble with broken teeth.

I chose Orthodontic Associates, because our family is friends with Dr. Power through our time spent in the local bicycling community. We love him, and we had heard nothing but the best reviews about OA’s results.

How has correcting your smile as an adult impacted your life?
Correcting my smile (again) was well worth it. My alignment issues are solved, and I have never loved my smile this much, EVER. Of all the anti-aging tips I have to give, correcting your teeth is at the very top.

What advice do you have to other moms considering getting orthodontic treatment as an adult?
Get the braces. You’ll not be sorry. The time spent wearing braces is short, but the smile you will achieve is forever. Not only do moms deserve good dental health too, but it’s just one more way I have been able to show my kids that we are all going through life together here; doing what we can to improve our circumstances and take care of ourselves. My daughter, who is now in braces at OA too, thinks it’s great that I had braces and now she does.

What advice do you have for moms trying to choose an orthodontist for their families?
When choosing an orthodontist, I urge adults to prioritize a custom approach. I found out that I had a latex allergy, and that I was better suited for Invisalign than traditional brackets about halfway through treatment. OA had the expertise to seamlessly adapt to what worked best for me. There was zero inconvenience with the transition, and my results are just incredible. I get compliments on my smile all the time, and I can’t think of anything better, than to be known for a great smile.