Even though orthodontic treatment was necessary to fix Jeana’s bite and crooked teeth, Jeana’s mom Debbie was apprehensive about how her daughter might tolerate getting braces, because she has Down syndrome.

Debbie knows that any new experience for Jeana needs to be taken slowly and approached with patience.

Thankfully, Jeana responded very well to our office, staff and treatment.

“Orthodontic Associates has been very careful to be sure Jeana understands and is comfortable before they proceed with anything,” Debbie said. “She has loved interacting with the other kids in the treatment area and choosing a new band color every time she visits.”

Jeana’s primary orthodontist Dr. Justin Power spent extra time with Jeana to establish a trusting relationship. For six years, he monitored the growth and development of her mouth before he even started braces treatment for her as a teen.

“I always remember that I’m treating a person and not a set of teeth,” Dr. Power said. “Seeing these patients over time to track their growth prior to necessary treatment allows us to help them understand that we are here to help and reduce any fear they might have.”

As a parent, Debbie was very pleased with how Dr. Power and our staff treated her daughter. Orthodontic treatment has been worth it for Jeana’s health and comfort.

“Jeana was having some jaw pain and a few other issues due to her mismatched bite,” Debbie said. “The palate expander and braces have corrected her issues. She also feels like she is one of the ‘cool kids’ at school as so many of her peers are going through the same process.”

Not only do we want patients who have disabilities to feel comfortable in our office, we also want them to feel no different than any other patient.

“Parents really appreciate it when we take the time to talk to their kids and get to know them.” Dr. Power said.

Our orthodontists and staff love helping kids and teens. We take the time to ensure your child is comfortable in our office before we begin treatment, and explain the process every step of the way to minimize any fear. Never hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your child’s options.

(Photos by Aaron Snow Photography)