After we remove your braces or you have finished your last Invisalign tray, you might think, “Ah, I’m done. Finally!”

Then we create an orthodontic retainer for you to wear– for the rest of your life.

You might wonder why you must wear a retainer if we already fixed your smile.

Teeth constantly shift overtime as we grow older. The amount of shifting varies from person to person. Some people are lucky and don’t have a lot of shifting after treatment, and some do.

A retainer insures that there is no movement after treatment is finished leaving you with a perfectly straight and healthy smile for a lifetime.

At Orthodontic Associates, we provide our patients with an initial free custom retainer as part of treatment advising them to wear the retainer full-time for a month after treatment.

Then, we advise that patients switch to wearing the retainer at nighttime only.

It is very common for patients to “take a break” from wearing their retainer for a week or so. When they put the retainer back in their mouth, it feels tight and they don’t want to wear it anymore. The longer the patient goes without wearing their retainer, the more their teeth shift.

If you lose your retainer or it becomes too tight for your mouth, we are happy to create a new one for you for a small fee.

After such a large investment in your smile, why take the chance to lose your healthy, straight teeth? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a replacement retainer to maintain your confident, beautiful smile.