It’s not often we think about performers having to get orthodontic treatment. But Olivia Kay came to Orthodontic Associates happy to have her smile perfected for future singing performances.

“I wasn’t nervous at all to get braces,” she said. “It means I will be smiling more often!”

Olivia first sang in front of a large crowd when she was eight years old for the opening day of the OKC Redhawks Baseball team (now known as the Dodgers).

“From that point on, I was hooked on singing, especially for large crowds,” Olivia said.

Olivia aims to inspire others through her singing. She works very hard to choose the right songs for each particular event.

“I want the crowd to walk away going, ‘Wow,’ “ she said.

No matter what your future dreams and aspirations are, Olivia encourages others her age who have braces to think about how great their teeth and smile will look once their braces come off. A confident, beautiful smile will get you far in life.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “Everyone at Orthodontic Associates is very caring and gentle.”

Although Olivia recently finished her orthodontic treatment, she never let wearing braces affect performing, traveling and meeting new people. Recently, she traveled to perform at a variety of charity events, basketball championships, arts local festivals and most recently, at the Governor’s Capitol Centennial Celebration.

Olivia says that she plans on becoming a professional singer and touring, and by the looks of things, we believe she will do just that!

“The future is wide open since I’m only 13,” she said. “The possibilities are endless.”