As a child, Ryan Domm remembers feeling self conscious about her less than perfect smile.

“I was so critical of my smile growing up, which made me hide it all the time,” Ryan said.

As an adult, she held off on orthodontic treatment at first, because she thought it might be too vain to get braces as an adult.

“What I finally realized is that taking care of yourself only promotes a higher level of confidence. It isn’t just a cosmetic need – there were actual problems that I never knew about before I came to Orthodontic Associates,” she said. 

We originally started Ryan in braces then she switched to Invisalign clear aligners later in treatment. Invisalign better fit her adult lifestyle giving her the confidence she needed during treatment.

“I don’t feel embarrassed when I’m wearing my trays – most people don’t even notice them,” Ryan said.

Ryan said that she would definitely recommend going through orthodontic treatment as an adult.

At Orthodontic Associates, we understand that many adults think it is too late to achieve that perfect smile, or they only put their kids health and wellness first. However, we believe that you are worth it too. At any age, it is never too late.

“Getting braces and Invisalign is one of the best investment I’ve ever made in myself,” she said. “I think anyone considering treatment owes it to themselves to find out. It’s at least worth a free consultation.”