This past Spring, we asked our patients to submit photos of their lovely smiles for a chance to be published in our annual calendar and win cash prizes. We also asked them to tell us why they love their smile, and the answers we received touched our hearts.

We wanted to share our top three winners and their inspiring quotes. To see the rest of our winners and get a free calendar that follows the 2017-18 OKC metro school closings, feel free to stop by one of our three offices to grab one!

First place – Emerson Brandt, age 11
“Without my smile, my life wouldn’t be fun. I spend most of my day smiling. without it, how boring would that be?”

Emerson’s quote is so sweet. It reminds us to choose to be happy and smile about the good in our lives. A smile is contagious, and we can certainly help spread more joy. Thanks Emerson!

Second place – Ciara Wolfe, age 13
“My smile means a lot to me. It means that I’m happy or feeling good. If my smile can make someone else’s day better, then I’ll use it all the time!”

Ciara’s smile always makes our day better! Ciara’s quote is such a good reminder to share our smile with more people – family, friends and strangers. You never know who is having a bad day, and might just need a little joy in their day!

Third place – Jessica Fan, age 17
“A smile is the purest form of connection between any people from family and strangers. It transcends all barriers.”
Wow. We were impressed with Jessica’s motivation quote full of so much truth and wisdom. Such a great reminder that despite language differences throughout our world, a smile always means the same thing. We can always communicate with a smile, no matter where you are!

We also wanted to give a shout out to the patients whose photos were published in our calendar:
Alex Maze, age 18
Breiya Madison, age 15
Emma Nickles, age 16
Jake Shaffer, age 12
Ciara Wolfe, age 13
Reece Ford, age 16
Tanner Brown, age 18
Karissa Coates, age 26
Brothers Luke and Mike Book, age 21 and 14
Jasmine Qualls, age 27
Luke Summers, age 9
Thank you for everyone who participated! We loved seeing all your smiling photos and heartfelt quotes!