When straightening teeth changes a person’s life and confidence, we feel honored and fortunate to play a part the patient’s story. When we donated treatment to patients Jalisha and Alexandra, we never realized the impact we’d be making in their lives.

Both young women recently graduated from Remerge, a local non-profit dedicated to transforming pregnant women and mothers facing incarceration into productive citizens. Remerge works with local businesses who are willing to donate resources and services to help women get their lives back on track and renew their confidence in themselves as workers, mothers, wives and Oklahoma citizens.

After graduating from Remerge, Jalisha and Alexandra already had much to smile about with bright futures ahead of them. And we are happy to help them achieve beautiful, healthy smiles leading to even brighter futures.

Both ladies have been in treatment with us for over six months now, and they already are grinning from ear to ear with renewed confidence in their changed appearances.

“My confidence has shot through the roof,” said Jalisha. “I don’t hold my hand over my mouth when I talk or smile anymore. I am not scared to smile!”

“It’s not just about my teeth, it’s my whole life I feel that’s effected,” said Alexandra. “Orthodontic Associates has reinforced my faith in humanity and has helped me build self-confidence already, and it’s only been 6 months!”

Both women are hard-working moms with their hands full. We see them every few months and the progress over 6 months has been incredible for our team to watch.

“I feel like there has been a LOT of progress,” said Alexandra “I get comments from my friends and my family often. I smile for no good reason sometimes, and have struck up conversations with other people who have braces too.”

Both Jalisha and Alexandra encourage other adults to look into orthodontic treatment.

“It’s never too late,” said Alexandra. “It’s worth every minute.”

“Please, don’t be nervous,” said Jalisha “If there is a problem, then it’s necessary that it’s corrected.”

We are so happy to see Jalisha and Alexandra turn their lives around and proud that we can help them smile brighter.