The last thing we want to see as orthodontists are beautiful, healthy smiles injured in sporting activities, especially when they could have been prevented. Mouth guards, along with the other necessary protective equipment for sports, are necessary to protect the health and safety of your teeth, lips, cheeks and face.

Whether you are in orthodontic treatment wearing braces or Invisalign, or you are not in treatment, we recommend that all players playing any sport wear a mouth guard for protection.

For all contact sports, including football, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse and wrestling, wearing a mouth guard at all times is mandatory in the United States.

At our office, we offer free, pre-made mouth guards for our patients wearing braces or Invisalign. Patients wearing braces should especially wear a mouth guard, because braces can create even more serious trauma to the lips.

Once you complete your orthodontic treatment, we are able to make a personalized, made-to-fit mouth guard for you to wear during all sporting activities.

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, mouth guards can make a big difference in reducing or preventing oral injuries. If an accident occurs causing facial injury, you should go to the emergency room. If there’s any dental damage, contact you or your child’s dentist. While damage to braces can lengthen treatment time, it also can affect results, so contact us at 405-947-1526 for advice if damage occurs. Remember, we are on call 24-7 for your emergency needs.