Orthodontic Associates’ patients can now download a free app available for iPhone and Android devices to view upcoming appointments, you and your family’s treatment plans, x-rays, make payments and more!

Below we have outlined how to download and use the app:

1. Open your smartphone’s app store, and type “Orthodontic Associates” into the search bar.

2. Download the free app onto your device.

3. Open the app, and you will see the home welcome page.

*Some versions of the app may vary depending on your smartphone device.

4. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the three, small vertical gray squares to log in as a patient.

5. Click “register” to log in to the app for the first time. After you complete first time registration, you will click “log in” from here on out to get into the app.

Only responsible parties can register initially for the app. Then, a responsible party can assigned individual app log ins for patients they are responsible for.

When registering, you must use the exact name, email and cell phone # associated with the responsible party’s account in our system.

If you do not have your cell phone on file with us, please call our front desk to ask them to add it to the responsible party’s name in your account.

Trouble registering? Try these tips:

  • Put parentheses around the cell phone’s area code and a space between the parentheses and the main number. Like this: (405) 567-3567
  • Capitalize your first and last name.
  • Use the exact name we have on file for the responsible party. In some instances, we have the responsible party listed as “Mark and Susan Smith.” In this instance, try first name: Mark and Susan” last name: Smith
  • Make sure you are typing in all data exactly as we have it in our system. If you don’t know, call our front desk.
  • If this still does not work, please call our front desk so that we can help you further.

*if you have issues at this point, stop and call our office to make sure your cell phone number and email is in our patient system.

6. After you have created your log in information, click on “Settings.” In “Settings,” you can manage appointment reminders on your phone, view your family member’s accounts, if you are the responsible party, and assign individual app log ins to other patients in your family.

7. To assigned your family members or kids their own log in to the app, go to “Settings,” and click on the name of the patient.

Enter his or her email, click “Change,” and then enter a password and click “Change.”

You will need to tell the patient his log in information, then he can use the app to view treatment plans, photos, upcoming appointments and more.

*Only responsible parties can view financial information and make payments.

8. On the left-hand side of the screen, click on the vertical, gray lines to open your menu options.

9. Under the menu, you can:

  • Contact us directly
  • Refer your friends and family to our office in exchange for reward points (This feature will be enabled soon)
  • Read more about our offices if you are a new patient
  • View your past and upcoming appointments, and confirm your future appointments
  • View your financial information and make a payment
  • View your treatment plan
  • View your patient reward points and prizes that we offer at our offices (this feature is coming soon!)
  • View short video clips about orthodontic treatment
  • View your photos, scans and x-rays throughout treatment

10. To make payments through the app, first call our office to save your credit card information in our system.

Then go back to the app and click on “Finance” under the main menu. Under “Financial Summary,” click on the patients name who needs a payment made.

Follow the prompts to make a quick and easy payment right from your smartphone!

We hope this app is a benefit for you and your family! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!