When spinal meningitis destroyed the seeds of her front teeth at 13 months old causing her to never grow adult teeth, Terra Close was afraid to smile growing up and was the brunt of many jokes at school. With modern orthodontic care, Terra now has a full smile for the first time in her life.

On her way to a healthier smile, Terra currently wears braces to straighten her teeth and make room for tooth implants in the near future. Until then, we attached false teeth to the braces wires to fill in the gaps where she is missing adult teeth.

“I cried when Dr. Power told me he could fill in the gaps,” Terra said. “I had no idea of the possibilities I had. After not having a full smile for over 20 years, I was amazed!”

“To be physically making changes to a person’s smile esthetics and causing them to be more confident in smiling is one of the greatest joys of our profession,” Dr. Justin Power said. “We aren’t just about fixing teeth and creating healthy bites. We have the opportunity to change people’s lives in a positive way. And that warms our hearts.”

As a local cosmetologist, a confident smile goes a long way when interacting with clients.

“My confidence as a beauty professional has improved, and I feel like I can be seen as a reliable source in my profession,” she says. “When interacting with clients, I smile more, and I find myself being more talkative.”

Although treatment is still in the works, we are so happy to have already made such an impact on Terra’s life. We are so excited to see the end result.

“After having past bad experiences with dental professionals, it took a lot to go into the OA office for the initial consultation, but everyone in the office was so nice and welcoming,” she said. “The whole team of Orthodontists and the assistants have been helpful to me with explaining things, being friendly, and genuinely happy to be part of my journey.”