Local singer songwriter Gentry Counce recently came to our practice complaining of jaw pain and discomfort. Diagnosed with TMJ issues, it was difficult for her to enjoy her passion in life, singing and making music.

To ease the discomfort and to align her jaw better, we placed a splint in her mouth and aesthetically pleasing modern braces.

“With orthodontic treatment, my pain has subsided, and I am able to sing better for my listeners,” Gentry said. “Before my consultation with Orthodontic Associates, I started to have severe jaw pain to where I was unable to perform. I was able to start booking myself again during my treatment, because the splint that they gave me worked. I am so glad I can sing with ease, my bite is now corrected, and I did not have to have surgery.”

She recently completed her first acoustic album comprised of 20 original songs. You can purchase and listen to her album on Bandcamp.

“I’ve gotten so much support in Oklahoma,” Gentry said. “I have been able to blossom here.”

You can watch her recent music video titled “Powerful” on YouTube. No doubt Gentry is proud to flash her big, beautiful smile regardless of braces in her music video and everywhere she goes.

We are so proud of you Gentry, and glad we could make a different in your life!

(Photo and music video by Anthony Pego)