When Tyler Conrady proposed to Rashell last year, Rashell knew she wanted to make some tweaks to her smile in preparation for their wedding day. And she chose Invisalign, clear, removable aligners, to straighten her teeth during their engagement and wedding.

“I never felt like I needed to wait to get engaged or married, because I felt confident enough to go through Invisalign treatment without it negatively affecting how I looked on my wedding day,” Rashell said. “I never had to worry about smiling for pictures or being in the spotlight while my teeth are being straightened.”

After seeing what a difference Invisalign aligners made with Tyler’s smile a couple years earlier, Rashell was convinced the road to straighten her teeth during a time when all eyes are on her would be a positive one.

“I’d tell anyone to go with Invisalign aligners, because of the flexibility to easily pop them out and eat whatever you want,” Tyler said.

Rashell felt confident to wear the Invisalign aligners to her bridal showers and in her engagement photos.

“I didn’t even know Rashell was wearing her Invisalign aligners when I was taking their engagement photos until she told me,” said Kelsi Thompson of Kelsi Laine Photography, the Conrady’s wedding photographer.

On their wedding day in April 2016, Rashell confidently wore her Invisalign aligners all day long showing a big smile to every guest.

We are so glad we were able to provide Rashell with a confident and comfortable orthodontic option for the most important time in her life. “I’m so glad I don’t have to look back on photos with metal braces,” she said. “Photos are forever.”

(Photos by Kelsi Laine Photography)