Even orthodontists have a less than perfect smile and need a little help. Dr. Ryan Theobald, our newest orthodontist to join the team, decided to start Invisalign treatment for a healthier and more confident smile.

“I really wanted to connect with patients and know what they are going through,” he says.

In addition to wanting to empathize with a patient’s experience, Dr. Theobald also wanted to correct his bite in a comfortable and no hassle option.

“I really like the fact they are virtually invisible,” Dr. Theobald says. “People always say they can’t tell I have them in. In addition, they are very comfortable to wear, and I can eat anything I want.”

Dr. Theobald, who joined our practice this past spring, comes from a dental background and deep-rooted interest in the technology behind dentistry and orthodontics. His father, Dr. John Theobald, is a local and well-respected dentist located out of Midwest City.

“With our iTero scanner, the scan of my teeth was seamless, easy and kept me from needing to take messy impressions,” Dr. Theobald says. “The ability to see my teeth in three dimensions and plan the tooth movement accordingly is awesome.”