Recently, we celebrated Dr. John Archer’s 20th anniversary as an orthodontist at Orthodontic Associates with a big potluck lunch, hugs and many kind words.

In 20 years, Dr. Archer has learned a lot, grown as an orthodontist and is now starting to see the children of kids he treated earlier in his career.

“I enjoy building relationships with our patients and their families as much as I enjoy the challenge of treatment planning, treatment, and creating beautiful, healthy smiles,” says Dr. Archer. “I love seeing our patients out in the community.”

Dr. Archer also enjoys the relationships he has built with our staff.

“It is very rewarding to walk through the office and realize that our practice is a positive blessing to many of our staff, ” he says. “Knowing that a staff member cares about us as doctors and feels ownership in the practice is very rewarding. The company culture here is actually more rewarding than financial gain.”

In the nearly 30 years that Orthodontic Associates has been serving the Oklahoma community, our doctors have always had a heart for increasing education – especially in the dental industry serving as mentors and teachers.

“I have enjoyed seeing students interested in dentistry or orthodontics shadow the doctors and work at our office on their way to beginning their dental education,” Dr. Archer says.

Known for his jolly and easy-to-approach temperament around the office, Dr. Archer is respected and loved staff, students and patients.

“This is the perfect career for me and my personality,” Dr. Archer says. “I cannot imagine doing anything else.”